Collection: thepartygoer

Our Creative team of “nezs” worked around a strong fruity and smoky scent that brings strength, power, and authority when you wear it.

Inspired by the famous social media platform “Tiktok”. The Partygoers is made for extroverts, with a sophisticated and the sheer floral sweetness of Jasmine, while holding on to the scent of Geranium. The Fragrance is giving an exhilarating blend of raspberry, orange. Lemon, and cashmere woods with a graceful mix as an homage to the edgy and trend setting nature of the social media.

It’s a combination of fruity fragrances coming along amber and nagarmotha to bring an intense odour. Supported by the opulence of gardenia, orange flavor and power of amber, the fragrances adorns a vibrant and magnetic signature.

The Partygoers For Her represent all time extrovert, social butterfly through the rich ingredients. True fragrances perfect for both men & women during the day and nighttime.